The 4X Pro Tour – Rules

All 4X Pro Tour races are registered on the UCI Calendar & will follow the UCI rules for 4X.

The 4X Pro Tour will have its own Ranking and Pro Tour Points structure.

Qualifying Points – are awarded to the top 15 fastest qualifiers.
Pro Tour Points – are awarded to the Top 64 finishers at each race.

The Overall ranking is decided after the 7 rounds. The best 5 from 7 rounds will count for the overall series.
if there is a tie for a place the highest finishing rider at the final round will be awarded the place.

Prize Money –

Gold Events Men – As per World Cup Prize money.

Prize money – the prize money for each event to be in accordance with World Cup Prize money structure.
• 1st – 1,500 Euros
• 2nd – 750 Euros
• 3rd – 500 Euros
• 4th – 300 Euros
• 5th – 150 Euros
• 6th – 150 Euros
• 7th – 150 Euros
• 8th – 150 Euros
Total – 3650 Euros

Women prize money – shall be payable dependent upon the amount of entries at each event and in accordance with the UCI classification of the event.

Silver Events

Prize Money – Minimum UCI Class 3


Sporting direction: four cross (4X)

8.1. Course


  1. 4X is an elimination event between four riders starting side by side on the same descending course.
  2. The nature of this race sometimes involves unintentional contact between the riders.
  3. Such contact will be tolerated if, in the view of the commissaires, they respect the spirit of the race and the principles of fairness and sportsmanship regarding other competitors.
  4. A qualifying round must be organised, preferably on the same day as the main race.


8.2. Qualification and main races

  1. Each rider must complete a timed qualifying run on the course.
  2. Any registered rider who fails to participate in the qualifying run will not be allowed to participate in the final.


  1. The riders start on the order of the starter, and in the order of the start list.


  1. The handlebar number plates must be changed between the qualifying and final rounds. To this intent, the start judge must have a cutter available.
  2. The rider with the lowest number (better time in qualification) in each heat or final chooses his position on the starting grid. The start is given with an automated system provided by the electronic timing company.


  1. Should the start gate fail, the PCP will, after consultation with the technical delegate and the organiser, decide whether or not to hold the race.
  2. The formula for participation in each round after qualification is based on qualifying times and in accordance with the regulations, ensuring that the riders with the best and second-best times in the qualifying rounds do not race against each other prior to the finals.

8.4. Finish

• The first two riders crossing the finish line advance to the next round. The other two are thus eliminated.

• If the 4 riders fall or fail to cross the finish line:

– The order of arrival is determined by the distance covered by each of the riders.

– The winner of the heat is the one who completed the larger portion of the course.


• A commissaire at the finish line will use a system of red and yellow cards. All decisions must be confirmed by the PCP.

  • A yellow card will be shown to riders who race in an unsafe manner or intentionally are a danger to their competitors.
  • The yellow card will be the first and final warning.
  • A red card will be shown to a rider that is being disqualified. Without prejudice to the other provisions on disqualification, a rider shall be disqualified on receiving a second yellow card in the same event, or for breaching the principle of sportsmanship or the competitive spirit.


A commissaire must direct the two riders advancing to the next round back to the start as promptly as possible. If a lift is not available, usually there will be «pick-up» trucks (or other similar methods of transportation) to bring the riders back to the start. Eliminated riders will be invited to leave the finishing-line area.


In the finals, men ride after women.

The ’women’s «small» final (places 5 to 8 ) will thus be followed by the men’s «small» final, then the women’s final (places 1 to 4), and finally the men’s final.


The award ceremony will take place as soon as possible after the race

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