After several years of 4X racing Worldwide, a few issues were starting to emerge. This great, action packed race format, which used to be raced by downhill riders on a Saturday night, began to attract specialist riders and a new, powerful athlete to the sport. Athletes who trained specifically for 4X were now beginning to dominate the sport.

This great sport now needed the rules reviewing and an organisation who could represent the needs of both riders and sponsors to the UCI.

The Fourcross Alliance was created in the winter of 2009. The Alliance consists of three people who have vast experience in organising and racing in 4X events. The founder members were:

  • Zedenek Pol – Czech 4X race organiser and manager for Michael Prokop one of the stars of 4X racing.
  • Chris Roberts – British 4X race organiser, Euro 4X Series race organiser and manager of Naked Racing 4X team
  • Scott Beaumont – British Pro 4X rider, Euro 4X Series race organiser and manager of Yeti Racing UK 4X team

The sport now had representation and lines of communication with the UCI.

In the winter of 2011, the UCI took the shock decision to remove 4X from the World Cup Series. After careful consideration, 4X Alliance members Chris Roberts and Scott Beaumont decided to create the new 4X Pro Tour to fill the void left after World Cup racing was wound up. This is just another chapter in 4X’s history, but the future looks bright, less political and full of passionate riders, teams and organisers.


  1. Anastasiya says:

    I think that it is very good desision to create 4xAlliance. Many rider stoped to ride 4x after UCI news. But now they have a new dream about world championship. Thank you!

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