2023 4X ProTour Round 2 – Dobrany, Czech Republic

The 2023 4X ProTour moved on to Dobrany in Czech Republic on Saturday night for round 2. This incredible track is the home of pro rider Tomas Brozik and it’s fair to say the track represents the current style of 4X tracks. Massive jumps, high speed and a real shot in the arm for the sport. Whilst hardtails are extremely rare now, trail bikes are pushing the speed and style of the tracks on now.

The weekend started on Friday with the first practice session. A longer than normal session of 3 hours gave the riders plenty of time to master one of the toughest 4X tracks in the World. The track was in perfect condition. The weeks of dry weather had left it extremely dusty. The riders were sectioning the track and mastering the conditions.

Saturday – Qualifying:

Saturday afternoon and it was qualifying. The weather conditions continued to be glorious. Blue skies and warm temperatures had the crowds arriving and the festival was in full swing.

Qualifying started with the women. 4X ProTour Champion Josie McFall pulled the pin in her final laps of practice and jumped the huge doubles lower down on the track. She did it again in her qualifying and it was enough to take the fastest time.

Next up were the men. There were plenty of locals who were looking fast and one by one they pushed the limits to try and qualify. Current 4X ProTour points leader Gustaw Dadela was off pace and set the 6th best time. Afterwards it turned out his shifter had broken mid run. Scott Beaumont set the 3rd fastest time, just 0.06 behind hometown hero Tomas Brozik, but the fastest time was Tomas Slavik with a 40.07 time.

Saturday – Race Day:

After qualifying there was a fantastic display by Czech Republics best dirt jumpers who threw 360’s and backflips galore for the crowds.

The early heats of racing were action packed as riders were fighting to qualify for the semi finals.

In the semi finals the cream began to rise to the top. In semi final 1, World Champion Tomas Slavik took control, winning the race and booking his place in the final along with David Spurny. In semi final 2 veteran Scott Beaumont battled through turn 1 with Gustaw Dadela. Dadela inched ahead over the huge step down. Beaumont tucked in behind. Brozik then went for a big pass in the 180 turn near the finish but lost grip and crashed out. It was Beaumont and Dadela into the final.


In the men’s small final it was a battle between Tomas Brozik and Robin Novotny, but to the delight of the crowds, Brozik took the win and 5th overall for the day.

Elite women took the decision to race with the open class mens category and it’s fair to say Josie McFall rode amazing. Taking the win in the small final gave her 5th in the open class and a win in elite women’s. 

The last race was the mens final.

Tomas Slavik took gate 1, Scott Beaumont 2, David Spurny on 3 and Gustaw Dadela on 4. The gate dropped and it was Slavik from gate 1 with the holeshot, Slavik was tight into turn 1 as Beaumont and Dadela piled in from the outside. Slavik held his line and took the lead onto the second straight. Dadela really pressurised Slavik early in the race, but then it became a huge race for 2nd with Beaumont all over the back of Dadela. He used every inside line but could not get by Dadela who held the race line well. Across the finish it was Slavik, Dadela, Beaumont and Spurny. 


1st – Tomas Slavik

2nd – Gustaw Dadela

3rd – Scott Beaumont

4th – David Spurny

5th – Tomas Brozik

After the podium ceremony, it was time to party. Local DJ’s and bands lined up to be a part of this amazing after party.

We would just like to say a huge thank you to Tomas Brozik and his team at Dobrany Bikepark. This guy simply went above and beyond to produce a great day of 4X. The entertainment, atmosphere, track, riding, fans and party were simply perfect.

Thank you to the 4X riders and teams; you guys are showing the world what is possible on our mountain bikes.

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